Resources for Counselors

Resources for Counselors | Think Like a Counselor

Here’s a collection of websites, books, and articles that I have found helpful for mental health professionals interested in working at a private practice or starting a private practice on their own.

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Ideal Private Practice

Hands down the most helpful book I’ve read on private practice is Lynn Grodski’s Building Your Ideal Private Practice. Whether you’re a provisionally licensed therapist working under someone else or launching your own business, this book lays a solid foundation for getting started. It answers questions you didn’t even think to ask and provides much-needed encouragement with every step of the way. Highly recommended!


Book Solid

If you’re looking for more general business advice for attracting more clients and growing your business, Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port is a great resource. He focuses on developing a unique, authentic brand that will attract your ideal client (and teaches you how to define that client) in order to make your business more successful and fulfilling.


ZynnyMe The ladies of ZynnyMe are a private practice dream come true! They are business coaches with mental health backgrounds, and they provide so many helpful posts for every aspect of private practice. They also offer a Business School Bootcamp for those who want to invest even further into their practice, plus plenty of free Private Practice Trainings for Therapists on topics such as marketing, setting fees, startup costs, and many more!

Tamara Suttle of Private Practice from the Inside Out also provides a wealthAll Things Private Practice of information on the nuts and bolts of running a private practice from the business side of things. She also tackles questions of ethics about business choices, such as social media policies, collecting fees, and risk management, and features guest posts on a range of other topics.


QA Prep

Dr. Maelisa Hall of QA Prep wants to help you “learn to love your paperwork,” and she provides an abundance of resources, articles, and tips to achieve that goal. She aims to improve your clinical documentation, as well as your relationship to paperwork overall!

Self-Care for Counselors | Think Like a Counselor


Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Check out this handy infographic for recognizing signs of counselor burnout and learn how to reduce your risk, keep healthy, and stay engaged with your clients.