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Happy Mardi Gras, and everyone have a great weekend!


To my mother

To My Mother | Think Like A Counselor

Image courtesy of Julie Ann Johnson, via Flickr

Thank you for so many things. For being an unconventional woman, and for showing me that I can do anything I damn well please, and that being a female is not a limitation. I doubt I’ll ever meet another woman who can roof a house AND parallel-park a school bus. For diving head-first into your passions and interests. For having the courage to start your life over twice, and for sticking around in the wake of a devastating loss. For reclaiming who you are and being true to yourself, no matter what people say. For believing in me, even when I don’t. For sharing your mistakes and failings in the hope that I would learn from them (I have). For teaching me how to wear makeup like a classy woman, but making me wait till an appropriate age to do so. For making me turn off the TV and go outside.

For setting limits and boundaries, and for teaching me that three cookies a day is enough. For convincing me to play with my brother when I didn’t want to, “because some day you won’t have the chance anymore.” For modeling good fitness habits and showing me the satisfaction of feeling my muscles burn from hard work. For making me contribute and help around the house, and for giving me responsibilities. For holding me accountable and never letting me get away with half-assing something. For teaching me how to clean a bathroom and wash a car really well. Continue reading